Body Scrub


Do you want to pamper yourself with a small act of hands? Check out these facial scrub recipes for the dry, normal and oily skin! Exfoliation is one of the fastest ways to achieve a healthy glow in the face and body. Removing the surface layer of dead skin cells, you increase blood circulation, and the skin becomes healthier, leaving a healthy, shining glow.

Natural scrubs for face;

What for? They are used to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and help to displace the clogging of the skin, including acne and whiteheads. Removal of skin surface cells and stimulation of blood circulation will promote cellular renewal and provide better absorption of active ingredients in masks and moisturizing cream. They should be used once a week because excessive use can damage the skin.

How to use; Before applying the scrub, open your pores, sticking your face with a rag, scorched with hot water. Massage in a circular motion of a small amount of scrub on a damp surface, and then rinse with warm water. Apply the tonic to the skin after finishing and follow with the help of a beauty mask.

Facial scrubs rely on a combination of coarse ingredients and moist ingredients combined with coarse paste. The type of your skin, dry, oily or sensitive, determine which ingredients are best used.

Corn and Face Scrub Recipe

Gentle scrub for all skin types.

Ingredients: 1/2 cup oat flour – 1/2 cup corn flour – 1/2 cup whole milk powder – 1/2 cup white clay

Instructions: Grind the milk powder in a mortar and pestle to get lumps. Sift the dry ingredients together. Pour into a clean sealed air container for use. Do not hesitate with wet ingredients, as this mixture will not remain wet.

To use Mix 1-2 teaspoons in the palm of your hand with water and work in a smooth paste.

To make a mixture of astringent and tighten the pores, use Witch-Hazel water.

To make the formula soothing for irritated skin, add Aloe Vera gel.

To make the scrub mixture saturated for mature and dehydrated skin, add a few drops of almond oil and mix before adding the final water.

To make it a disinfectant for defective skin, mix the scrub powder with plain natural yogurt.

Recipe Scrub for deep pores. Excellent scrub for oily skin and skin with blocked pores.

Ingredients: 1 teaspoon of almond flour – 1 teaspoon of green clay – some full milk

Instructions: Add enough milk to the almond flour and clay to form a thick, spreadable paste.

You should have five minutes a week, which you could save. Then try these natural facial scrubs recipes. All of them are incredibly effective and affordable. They not only cleanse the skin, remove dead skin cells and penetrate the clogged pores, but they also contain other ingredients that help your skin look and feel better.

Many people think that exfoliation every day will make their skin look radiant and young. Contrary to popular belief, you should use exfoliation with extreme caution. The use of shrubs daily can harm your skin. Your exfoliation procedure should be adjusted to your skin type and skin condition; however, I would recommend using a gentle body scrub once a week for best results.

Stacy Michelle, an expert herbalist, and psychotherapist, has researched and developed some simple but powerful natural skin treatment recipes that are very funny, simple and immensely satisfying to make kitchens for you. Her homemade organic cosmetic procedures deliver amazing results – the skin that has come down with natural vitality and inner well-being.



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Sugar Scrub

Sugar’s more than just a way to sweeten your coffee. When it’s mixed into a whipped sugar scrub, common table sugar becomes one of your best weapons against rough, dry skin. Better yet, a body scrub can be loaded with sugar and still not add an ounce to your hips. Sugar works to beautify your skin from the outside in, smoothing and polishing until you look perfect from head to toe.

Why Sugar Scrubs Work

The outer layer of your skin, the epidermis, looks a lot like a flaky pastry under a microscope. Those little flakes aren’t very appetizing, though; they’re dead skin cells, and your body naturally sheds millions of them a day. However, your epidermis sometimes gets a little backed up, and layers of skin cells refuse to flake away when your body is done with them. That’s when you need to exfoliate. Exfoliation literally means “removing leaves,” and that’s how sugar works to exfoliate your skin. Think of the sugar crystals as gathering up the tiny leaves of dead, dry skin so that you can get rid of them and reveal the younger, livelier-looking skin underneath them.

Sugar’s graininess physically scrubs away dead, dry skin cells. As you smooth a whipped sugar product onto your skin, you’re loosening the old skin cells that contribute to an ashy, dull complexion. What makes sugar so special is that unlike other exfoliating scrubs, its crystals are smooth and won’t scratch your skin or leave you feeling scraped raw.

Generally it is simply regular white table sugar that can be used for preparing a sugar scrub at home. An air-tight container can be used for preparing the scrub into which a lttle bit of glycerin and petrol must be added along with the sugar. Just about any kind of oil can be used that folks will conveniently find in their kitchen, such as salted peanuts, grapeseed, jojoba or olive oil. The quantity of the ingredients added will not really matter. Persons should simply make sure that the oil added is a lttle bit more than glycerin and scrub ready should be thick enough and even somewhat crumbly as well.Even though the sugar works to lift up the cells physically, glycolic acid is dissolving the glue-like substance that contains them stuck to the skin.

Moisturizing Sugar Scrubs

While they exfoliate beautifully, natural sugar-based scrubs also have another skin-friendly side to them: moisturizing power. Sugar naturally absorbs water from the surrounding air. That’s why your dark brown sugar clumps in its container. As a natural humectant, sugar also draws water to your skin when you use it as a scrub or mask. When you use a sugared body polish in your shower, the humid environment combined with the sugar will hydrate your skin and leave it feeling incredibly soft.

Sugar scrubs are more than just a handful of sugar, though. They’re also loaded with emollient oils to condition your skin. Skin care products with sugar are typically whipped with body butter like cocoa butter, coconut oil and shea and foaming products to add creaminess to make them as rich as a great night cream and as clean-rinsing as a gentle skin cleanser.

Again super easy and customizable to your preferences.


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Lip Balm

Lip balm has been around for more than a century. It is mainly used to help heal the cracked lips, moisten them and keep them luminous and attractive. This is important for fixing moisture. Therefore, you must take care of your lips, since they do not have their sebaceous glands.

Most people spend their income only on essentials because of the current state of the economy. Women, especially moms, tend to be effective in a way that they prefer to give up luxury goods, including their makeup. The facts show that most women use cosmetics daily and believe that this has become a necessity. It is a component of their daily life. Some of the most used cosmetics include lip care products, such as lip liner and lip balm. Learn how to make a lip balm for yourself at home.

You can produce and invent your lip gloss in your home, and it’s not very expensive. The best part about how to make homemade lip gloss is the ability to adjust colors and flavors according to your mood. You can combine the right form of lip moisturizer and vitamin E for sensitive skin

Most of the balsams are made of petroleum jelly or petrolatum. Like candle wax or paraffin, it is partially hydrogenated oil. They act as auxiliary groups, but only give temporary effects, so you need to reapply them often.

Balms from natural ingredients are best for your lips. So, you can make your skin for the lip balm from natural products, as shown below.

Home Lip Balm

Home balsam is an ideal gift for special occasions, such as Christmas. Below is a simple recipe with which you can experiment by adding different tastes. The main ingredient is beeswax, which is a natural wax produced by bees.

Before you start with the actual procedure, you need to collect a few things. First, you need to buy holders for lip balm. You can find them in craft shops. You will also need a saucepan, a double boiler or a heat-resistant cup for melting the wax and a glass measuring cup for pouring.

Prescription of balm for beeswax

1-2 tablespoons (tablespoons) Beeswax

5-6 tablespoons vegetable oil (you can use other oils such as sweet almonds, olive oil or jojoba)

two tsp (honey teaspoons) of honey

two drops of essential oils (you can use peppermint, lavender, chamomile, etc., or you can use half the oil and butter and a half of shea)

one capsule Vitamin E

Melt the beeswax in oil in a small saucepan or a double boiler. As soon as it melts, remove from heat, add honey and continue to stir until the beeswax and oil are well mixed. Stir continuously and allow the mixture to cool slightly before adding essential oils and vitamin E.

You can also melt them in a microwave oven. When using a microwave oven, watch it carefully, removing beeswax and oil as soon as it melts.

Pour the contents into a glass measuring cup. Now pour them into individual containers for lip balm.

This step is optional. If you want to add different flavors to your lip balm mix, separate them into different glass containers, and then add the flavors you want, such as orange, lemon, and peppermint. Do not worry if the mixture starts to harden, just put it back in the heat or microwave to melt again.

Before closing the containers, make sure that the mixture has cooled completely. Label your small containers for easy identification.

It is just that easy! There are a bunch of different recipes and methods out there that are pretty quick to find so you can tweak your lip balm recipe until you find one you’re in love with.

Laundry Detergent

Okay, so this technically isn’t crafting but it is a product that we use ALL THE TIME that you can make at home and save a ton of money.


One of the advantages of a self-made detergent for washing is that it can be ideal for family members who have sensitive skin. Of course, there are washing detergents on the market that are specifically designed for people with special needs for skin care, but, apart from the costs of more, there is no certainty that they will work in preventing allergies and breakthroughs. This is because there are many types of sensitive skin, and each type is irritated by different types of allergens.

For example, some brands intended for people with sensitive skin contain citrus and lavender, which can cause allergy to certain types of skin. In such cases, resorting to creating your mixture, you can ensure that the individual substances that cause allergies can be excluded from the prescription.


Firstly, it should be said that all the washing detergents approved by the government for washing in the market were checked for safety to the general public and were sufficiently safe for the environment. However, studies that find that financial detergents harm health and the environment continue to be published. In particular, these studies have shown that flavors, dyes, and optical brighteners are to blame for allergies, diseases and even toxic accumulation in the water supply. As a result, some cautious housewives found that their laundry for laundry would be a much safer alternative to buying commercially available washing detergents.


Home detergents for washing make up only a small part of the price for commercially available.

Here is one recipe for home washing detergent liquid, which we found to be cheaper than commercial detergents, and seems to work even better:


1/2 cup borax

one glass of washing soda

1 bar of soap Fels-Naptha

3 gallons of water

To make your laundry liquid, rub the bar of Fels-Naptha soap until you get a bunch of soap flakes. Then add the chips, one handful at a time, to four cups of water brought to a boil, and then calmed down. After adding each serving, mix the mixture with a wooden spoon until all the flakes dissolve. Then, in a separate clean bucket, combine the resulting Fels-Naptha soap, three gallons of water, borax, and soda to wash dishes, and let it sit for twenty-four hours. At the end of this period, the substance will be lumpy, so first, mix it before use.

Use an old grater to grate the soap with a bar, and then put the grated soap in a saucepan. Place the pan on the stove and add 6 cups of water to the pan and dissolve the grated soap. Add borax and washing soda and allow it to dissolve while stirring the mixture. When it dissolves, remove the pan from the heat and pour it into a bucket and add 4 cups of hot water to the mixture and mix well. Add essential essential oil or leave it if washing does not need fragrance. Then add the remaining 22 cups of water to the bucket and mix. Leave the homemade dish soap for 24 hours, and it will become a gel and will be ready for use. Use 1/2 cup of washing soap for each load of clothes. If the clothes are not as clean as usual, add more soap to each load of laundry.

Add one cup of your home liquid laundry detergent to each normal load. You will notice that your laundry will be clean and will smell good without the artificial scent of commercially available detergents. And you, too, will get some savings!



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Bath Bombs

You can have a spa-like an experience in your bathroom with the use of bath bombs. If you have ever been to a spa, you probably remember how relaxing and at peace you felt. It felt as if all of your stress and worries virtually vanished into thin air. For those of you that have never experienced that feeling, you can click on the banner to the right, and turn your next bath into a spa without ever leaving home.
Bath bombs can be described as one little ball of happiness. They are normally round in shape. You simply drop them into the tub and while you are relaxing, they fizz while sending delightful aromas throughout the air. Many of the bath bombs are considered hypoallergenic, which allows those people with even the most sensitive skin to enjoy them, even those who are sensitive to perfumes or dyes.
Some of the main ingredients in a bath balls and bombs are citric acid, corn starch, baking soda, food coloring, essential oils and herbs. A few of the essentials oils that are frequently used are lavender, almond oil and avocado oil. Lavender is well known for producing a calming effect. This calmness can be beneficial to the mind, body and soul. If it is softer skin you are looking for, try purchasing a bath bomb that contains almond oil. Almond oil can also help you find comfort if you suffer from skin irritations. One of the benefits of avocado oil is to help soften rough skin. Of course, these essential oils can be combined with other oils for more uses.
Herbs are well known for their aromatherapy as well as medicinal use.
Today you can purchase bath balls and bombs that contain a variety of herbs. Sometimes, they contain both herbs and essential oils. There is something about aromatherapy that just soothes the soul. The herbs and essential oils are also known for the medicinal purposes. You can purchase bath bombs that contain herbs that help with muscle pains. If you click the banner to the right, you can purchase a bath bomb that can soothe your soul as well as help with any minor aches you may have.
Treating yourself like a queen or king for a day doesn’t have to be expensive. Bath teas and bombs are a very inexpensive way to pamper yourself. Going to a spa everyday can be very hard on the pocketbook or wallet. If you are a person who has absolutely no time to schedule yourself a visit to the spa, bath bombs are the perfect item for you. Imagine being able to rejuvenate yourself every day by simply dropping a bomb into your tub!
The aromas that fill the air are pleasing to the mind. You can find bath balls in nearly every scent imaginable. There are some that smell like honeysuckles, which are known to instantly bring a smile to your face. If you are feeling depressed, you can purchase a bath bomb that smells like fresh roses. This aroma is said to instantly bring happiness to your soul. If there is a scent that brings you pure joy, chances are you can find that same smell in a bath bomb. Their varieties of aromas are endless, and it is guaranteed that with the huge selection, there is a fragrance for everyone.
It is said that memories are often triggered by smells. This may explain why bath bombs that emit a lovely aroma can have such a calming effect. If you remember standing in the kitchen with your grandmother, helping her bake that delicious pound cake, get yourself a bath bomb with that scent! As soon as the bomb begins to fizzle and work its magic, you will find yourself standing in your grandmother’s kitchen with a smile on your face. If memories are triggered by smells, it is also best to avoid bath bombs that may bring unpleasant memories. The whole goal in purchasing a bath balls and bombs is to ease your mind, body and soul.

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