Sugar Scrub

By | 25/10/2017

Sugar’s more than just a way to sweeten your coffee. When it’s mixed into a whipped sugar scrub, common table sugar becomes one of your best weapons against rough, dry skin. Better yet, a body scrub can be loaded with sugar and still not add an ounce to your hips. Sugar works to beautify your skin from the outside in, smoothing and polishing until you look perfect from head to toe.

Why Sugar Scrubs Work

The outer layer of your skin, the epidermis, looks a lot like a flaky pastry under a microscope. Those little flakes aren’t very appetizing, though; they’re dead skin cells, and your body naturally sheds millions of them a day. However, your epidermis sometimes gets a little backed up, and layers of skin cells refuse to flake away when your body is done with them. That’s when you need to exfoliate. Exfoliation literally means “removing leaves,” and that’s how sugar works to exfoliate your skin. Think of the sugar crystals as gathering up the tiny leaves of dead, dry skin so that you can get rid of them and reveal the younger, livelier-looking skin underneath them.

Sugar’s graininess physically scrubs away dead, dry skin cells. As you smooth a whipped sugar product onto your skin, you’re loosening the old skin cells that contribute to an ashy, dull complexion. What makes sugar so special is that unlike other exfoliating scrubs, its crystals are smooth and won’t scratch your skin or leave you feeling scraped raw.

Generally it is simply regular white table sugar that can be used for preparing a sugar scrub at home. An air-tight container can be used for preparing the scrub into which a lttle bit of glycerin and petrol must be added along with the sugar. Just about any kind of oil can be used that folks will conveniently find in their kitchen, such as salted peanuts, grapeseed, jojoba or olive oil. The quantity of the ingredients added will not really matter. Persons should simply make sure that the oil added is a lttle bit more than glycerin and scrub ready should be thick enough and even somewhat crumbly as well.Even though the sugar works to lift up the cells physically, glycolic acid is dissolving the glue-like substance that contains them stuck to the skin.

Moisturizing Sugar Scrubs

While they exfoliate beautifully, natural sugar-based scrubs also have another skin-friendly side to them: moisturizing power. Sugar naturally absorbs water from the surrounding air. That’s why your dark brown sugar clumps in its container. As a natural humectant, sugar also draws water to your skin when you use it as a scrub or mask. When you use a sugared body polish in your shower, the humid environment combined with the sugar will hydrate your skin and leave it feeling incredibly soft.

Sugar scrubs are more than just a handful of sugar, though. They’re also loaded with emollient oils to condition your skin. Skin care products with sugar are typically whipped with body butter like cocoa butter, coconut oil and shea and foaming products to add creaminess to make them as rich as a great night cream and as clean-rinsing as a gentle skin cleanser.

Again super easy and customizable to your preferences.


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